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    Who takes all the pictures of you?

    Depends on who is around… sometimes it’s the lovely bf but other days it’s my baby baby sis, or my mom. BUT while I am at school my amazing roommate/friend Mia takes all outfit post pics (she’s a trooper).  But all other pictures that DON’T have me in the are taken by me!

    What is your major going to be?

    I started out at SFSU and was going to major in Apparel Design and merchandising, but as I continued to go to school at my community college I realized as much as I love love love fashion, it just wasn’t what I wanted to major in, so I am broadening my horizons and plan on majoring in psychology.

    Do you make all the food you post on your blog?

    Yes, most of it if I write and take pictures about it then I probably made it. I like to show off the stuff I am able to cook, and the stuff that I attempt to cook and sometimes fail at it… well I post those to. Not everyone is perfect.