Drinks Jun 28, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade

I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I had a minor panic attack yesterday morning, when I lost my car keys. The worst feeling in the world is anxiously, walking to your car knowing that you’ve lost your keys. In most cases, I don’t actually lose my keys they are just buried at the bottom of my purse or backpack BUT yesterday I truly lost them. They were gone, No where to be found. I frantically ran around campus for about 30 minutes looking for my keys and this time they were actually, absolutely, 100% lost. Fortunately, someone turned them into the campus safety office. A big Thank You to my mystery key finder, I am grateful!! After going on a scavenger hunt for the stupid keys, I arrived back home to an unorganized, cluttered, scattered, mess of half packed boxes, everywhere. I must say that moving is without a doubt, my least favorite thing to do. My home is utter chaos right now. To escape from reality, I decided to make lemonade yesterday afternoon with the lemons that life threw at me. I absolutely love lemonade especially when it’s blistering hot out. I had some extra strawberries that I bought at the market last week so I decided to puree and mix in with the lemons to make strawberry lemonade. I used this recipe for Strawberry Lemonade. See Cucumber Mint Lemonade (here) and Blood Orange Lemonade (here)

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