Fall Oct 22, 2012

Stormy Weather

The weather this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. As much as I love tanning on the beach, some weekends just call for a good old rainy day snuggled in bed. A miserable rainy day is of course complimented by a good TV show, a variety of drinks (coffee/water/OJ) and cozy sweats. Feeling under the weather is never fun but, when you’re feeling icky and tired, a rainy weekend is the perfect remedy & medicine (well… mental medicine). The rain always forces me to sit back and slow down. I came down with a little bug over the weekend so I decided to hang around the house and cross off several items on my fall to-do list. After a long strenuous week at school it felt nice to lay low. On Friday and Saturday I sat in bed for the majority of the day and watched Homeland’s entire first season (I’m obsessed). Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of rain. I knew that Sunday was going to be a lazy day, but since I had been home all weekend I decided to get out of the house. When I finally decided to leave the house, I was excited to be able to throw on my fall attire. Mia and I enjoyed a hot bowl of clam chowder by the beach. Steamy hot soup, in a bread bowl, was just what we needed to complete our first major fall weekend.

I decided to share some photos of the cute girl behind the lens. You all know my best friend, Mia……she is really the best.  Meet my personal photographer; Mia is the person who always takes my photos. Yesterday she decided to rock the plaid too (unplanned … see Mia and I have this weird telepathy thing going on between us where we always wear the same thing (I’m not kidding it happens more often than not). Mia’s plaid shirt that she is wearing is one of my favorites because of the elbow patch.I just love love love it. Sometimes she is just too cute to stand behind the lens and not be photographed.


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  1. so cute and cozy! and another post that makes me so jealous of your hair! xx