Finally Friday Jan 28, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Quick lunch in between classes: Sandwich & Ice Tea }

The past couple weeks… I wasn’t finding myself looking forward to Friday as much as I was this week, because everyday seemed to be just as great as Friday/Saturday and Sunday. BUT this week was definitely one of those weeks where Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. When I woke up Monday morning at 6:00 am for my first day back at school (in over a month) the first thing that came to mind was a desperate need for coffee, but the second thing that went through my head as I was attempting to wake up was …. when is it going to be Friday?

After 4 long treacherous days of lectures and syllabuses (boring) it is FINALLY FRIDAY. Have a great weekend everyone. And for all you students out there who also started this week only 13 weeks left until Spring Break, yes my countdown has already started.

Here are some things that kept me sane this week!

{ My new tennis shoes }

{ Wouldn’t have made it through the week without one of these every day }

{ Excited for February }

{ Definitely lightened up my week… love a good laugh }

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