Finally Friday Jan 10, 2014

Finally Friday

{ 2014 Desk Essentials Part I: iPhone + Headphones + Planner + Hand Lotion + Fine Tip Black Pen }

My weeks always seem to feel drawn-out after returning back from a vacation. The internet snafu that occurred yesterday morning put my panties somewhat in a bundle but other than that minor problem… overall my week was a pretty solid week. It started out slow but keeping in mind the eventful upcoming weekend plans, I made it a point to accomplish the majority of bullet points on my “to-do list” for this week. Yesterday we celebrated my baby brothers 16th birthday which was an eventful day. It feels like yesterday when I would tip toe into his bedroom to see if he wanted to play with me, right after my mom put him down for his nap. Now… he is sixteen, taller, bigger, and stronger than I ever will be. The celebration will continue over the weekend since he always enjoys celebrating his birthday for a week or sometimes even a month. Today a friend from college arrives in town so this weekend will be filled with all sorts of exciting and eventful activities.

{ Playing around in the studio while working on a project }

{ Goodies from Dermalogica for the New Year }

{ 2014 Desk Essentials Part II : Candle + Flowers + Business Cards & External Hard Drive }

{ My new favorite “go to” outfit. Straight Leg Jeans + Ankle boots + Fifth Sun Tee }

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