Finally Friday May 13, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Taco Tuesday }

Alright. I wrote a bigg long fun & creative little post about this week and my plans for the weekend. It was super cute! BUTTT technology has to come along and delete it all into cyberspace. So instead of making it crafty, detailed and long… i’ll be short, cause lets face it who likes reading my elongated posts anyway!

– Week was good
– All tests & projects are over.. with the exception of some psych. hw I will be doing this weekend.
– Took a nap on the grass in the sun with the bf yesterday (it was dandy)
– Mani Pedi with my momma

– Looking forward to breaking a sweat (done studying so I’ve run out of excuses)
– Excited to see all my friends that are home for the summer
– Gonna try some fun new recipes I promised you all

Have a good weekend.

{ A pleasant surprise in the shower }

{ Why we never thought of this before … I dunnnoo }

{ Bring it on }

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