Finally Friday Jul 15, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Newest to the collection + supplies for a DIY project }

All I have to say is that this weather is a serious bummer, this week was somewhat boring yet exciting at the same time. I went through the usual routine… school. work. sleep. with the exception of a couple photo-shoots which can be viewed over on Kapture. This weekend I have to write a ten page paper..sounds fun right? but after I lock my-self in the office and pump it out I am a free women.. no more summer school and then I can really start to relax just in the nic-of-time before USD starts up in Aug.! Sometimes when the weather is bad and school stinks you have to find the little things in life that make you smile… here are my top five this week.

{ My favorite summer fruit }

{ Cali kept me company while working in the office }

My new bracelet to support my brothers Coach Todd French. Todd recently hit a bump in the road and was diagnosed with cancer. Todd  Always maintains a superb  positive attitude and helps the rest of  us all realize the important things in life. Such as maintaining close relationships, the value and importance of family and to appreciate every minute of every day!!!! He is a true inspiration.

{ Birthday flowers that bloomed beautifully }

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