Finally Friday Aug 12, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Biggest highlight of the week ….. THE KEY }

This week has been exciting and emotional. Sunday morning at 6 am we ventured down to San Diego in a ginormous U-Haul, we packed and unpacked the entire U-haul in less than 24 hours (thanks to my boyfriend). Monday I received the keys to my very own apartment, it was thrilling yet overwhelming one minute I was giddy and excited and the next I was teary-eyed and sad. Here are some highlight moments from this week.

  • The two of us un-loading the ENTIRE U-haul
  • New DIY project for the apartment
  • Entering the biggest Walmart ever
  • Ocean Beach Farmers Market
  • Driving by Krispy Kreme when the HOT Donut sign is on
  • A trip to IKEA and finally being able to purchase something
  • Breakfast on the beach
  • Convincing the boyfriend to accept my inner-child and rent RIO

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