DIY Sep 21, 2011

DIY – Breakfast in Bed tray

During the move I decided to pack up and old breakfast in bed tray, not realizing how much use I was actually going to get out of it. This try is not only great for eating in bed but also doing homework in bed! Due to the trays original color (light wood finish) I would store it under my bed and bring it out only when needed. Over the weekend I decided that I could paint the tray to match my room, so I went down to Home Depot and picked up a can of black spray paint. Not only will I get more use out of the tray, but it can sit on my bed and look like it belongs! There is no need to store it under the bed anymore.


{ Black Semi-Gloss Spray Paint – $8.00 }

{ Before }

{ After }

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  2. Love what you did to the tray can I do this to my dining table just using that kind of spray spaint?