Finally Friday Sep 30, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Snapshot from the move back in August }

This week was a hectic one. So I am thrilled to say that it is FINALLY FRIDAY. Instead of sharing five photos of the things that made me happy this week I decided to share things that I miss and don’t miss about home. I can’t believe how fast September flew by, I can’t wait to share the special post I have been working on for the month of October!

Five things I miss about home:

  1. My family of course!!!
  2. Mid-afternoon smoothies made by my grandma before football practice
  3. My sweet cat and three doggies
  4. Having laundry done for me
  5. My bed thats like sleeping on a cloud
 Five  Things I don’t miss about home :
  1. Having to move a car every time  someone wants to get out of the driveway
  2. Thinking I lost a shirt and then finding it bundled up in a ball somewhere in my sisters room
  3. Having to work at the table in the kitchen that acted as my desk (my own desk seen here) 

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