Fall Nov 01, 2011


 Sweater – H&M, Dress – Forever21- Belt-Target, Shoes-Brecknell, Sunglasses – Forever21, Clutch – Mexico Boutique

I bought this LBD for fashion week a couple weeks ago, like most my clothes I rummaged across this awesome find at Forever21. In the dressing room I was up in the air between a gold glitter dress or this LBD, I decided to go with the LBD…for one thing no one can have to much black (it makes you look skinny), and on the other hand when is a classy LBD ever going to go out of style? This time I decided to throw on a sweater for the crisp chilly mornings here.


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  1. were these taken at the lafayette hotel? that’s where my husband and i spent the first night of our honeymoon before we went to maui 🙂