Recipes Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween – Carmel Apples

Carmel Apples are a guilty pleasure of mine, no matter how much carmel gets stuck in my teeth and no matter how sticky I am after eating one I looked forward to them each time. While at the OB farmers market (post seen here and here)  I saw a carmel apple stand I told Mia (my roommate), I have to get one,  but as I approached the booth and asked how much he replied $10.00. Being on a budget, my mom would have had a coronary if she knew I spend $10.00 on an apple. So I didn’t end up purchasing the apple but I couldn’t fight the craving. Which is why I went to the store bought 6 apples and bag of caramels all for under $8.00. When I got home and realized that I didn’t have any sticks to put in the apples I decided I had to make due with what was in the house so I used knives as temporary sticks. Now I have the luxury of having one every night this week.

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