Outfits Dec 20, 2011

A coat kind of day

Last Friday was not only gloomy down in San Diego, but it was also ridiculously windy. I decided instead of throwing my hair up in a messy bun that I would take full advantage of the cold weather by throwing on a beanie. After watching Modern Family’s latest episode with my sister we decided to head downtown for happy hour before she hopped on her flight home! Last Friday I was so jealous of the fact that by 9 o’clock that evening she would be home and the only thing she had to worry about was unpacking her five suitcases. While me on the other hand had to go home and prepare for my statistics test today (which is my hardest class)! After a long weekend of having coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner I am so thrilled to say that I AM NOW HEADED HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Let the festivities begin.

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