Outfits Nov 05, 2020

10 Best Slippers to keep you warm WFH in 2020

I may be getting dressed daily, but shoes are a different story. I mean who wears shoes WFH? Plus, living in the city, you leave the shoes at the door and you ONLY wear them outside. My annual slipper purchase usually happens early December, but this year I purchased early because I found these cute slips at Banana Republic for 50% off! I’ve always had a love for slippers, back in middle school I would beg my mom to buy me those over the top fur slippers from Steve Madden that made your feet look like a classy polished version of Chewbacca, they were all the rage.  Please tell me you know what I am talking about!? Or was this just a California Bay Area middle school trend?

Anyway, below is a roundup of slippers I found that will help keep you warm while working from home this winter. Let’s just say we have come along way since 6th grade.

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