DIY Dec 27, 2011

How To: Sock Bun

About a month ago I discovered how to make a bun with a sock and ever since then I have become obsessed. The first four times I tried I ended up giving up due to the fact that a) you could see the sock and b) it would fall apart if I moved, but as I kept trying they continually kept getting better. This bun is an easy way to look polished, it’s a perfect go to hair-do especially when hosting a party this holiday season (up and out of your face). Everytime I wear this bun I receive a compliment or have people asking how I did it and when my response is …..with a sock they think I’m kidding! So for all of you who think I am crazy I really do use a sock and here is how it makes a perfect bun.

Some suggestions:

  • Wear something that zips or buttons when getting ready, to avoid having to constantly pull things over your head.
  • Use a darker sock for people with dark hair

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  1. Thought I couldn’t do this with my hair but totally mastered the sock bun with your tutorial:) love it!

  2. Why didn’t you just turn around to show the sock bun from the back…. Lol I’m sorry I found they so funny. ????