DIY Dec 01, 2011

DIY: Christmas Wreath

{ Finished Product }

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Today my Christmas countdown can officially begin. Back home decorating the tree was my thing, but down here in San Diego I don’t have a tree nor do I have any decorations. At first I was a bit upset because how was it going to feel like Christmas (especially in 75 degree weather) with out all the beautiful decorations and a tree. So yes, I was a bit down that my halls wouldn’t be decked this year, BUT things turned around the second I stepped into Michaels. I originally went to Michaels to pick up some buttons to sew onto a gift that I am in the process of making, but when I saw  the sign saying “ALL CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS 50%-60% off” I was ecstatic (I secretly thanked Santa for guiding me to Michaels as opposed to Joannes). I decided that a homemade wreath would suffice as my Christmas Tree this year and I absolutely love it!

{ Plain Wreath for $2.00 }

{ Glitter Pinecones $2.00 }

{ Ribbon $.50 }

{ Garland $1.50 }

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