Outfits Jan 18, 2012

Back in town

Packing has never EVER been a skill of mine. Each time I travel home I always think that I packed less than the time before, but the truth is that some how I always end up coming back with an extra bag or two or three. How this happens? I do not know. I am now back in San Diego, leaving the bay area is always a bittersweet feeling! This time I decided to put together a list of the bitter and the sweet.

Bitter (Things I will miss):
– Leaving your family and boyfriend
– Not having anyone to do your laundry for you
– Actually having to prepare dinner at night/ shop for groceries
– Saying good bye to my couch companions (my cat and dogs)
– Missing out on the 4 o’clock smoothie my grandma makes for my brother after school
– Playing my brother in chess
– Watching 48 hour mystery with my mom
– Realizing your leaving to go back to SCHOOL not to go on a vacation


Sweet (Things I look forward to):
– Being able to sleep at night knowing my clothes and shoes are safe and sound in my closet and won’t be taken out of my closet at 6 am by my sneaky sisters who wear them to school
– Getting back to my gym routine
– Working on home improvement/ DIY projects
– Organizing my closet and office space
– Finishing my book (The Help) on the beach with a cup of coffee
– Working on the computer without the internet kicking me off every five minutes
– The San Diego sunsets


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