Outfits Jan 05, 2012

A look inside my bag

We all carry one, and we all stuff necessary and unnecessary items in them. I chose to start the new year, with a clean bag. I have guilty pleasure for purses, bags and clutches so I am constantly switching it up depending on the day’s activities or my outfit. Lately I have been obsessed with my gifted Louis Vuitton bag, it fits so many items and is great for holding all sorts of things. I put together this post to show you what I keep in my day to day bag.

Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF – Laura Mercier, Voluminous Lashes – L’OREAL, On the go: Jo Malone Perfume (Nectarine Blossom and Honey), Erase Paste – Benefit, Nail File, Band Aides (for unexpected blisters), hair ties & a clip

iPhone & Bluetooth, a pair of sunglasses, headphones, mints and my planner

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