Outfits Feb 29, 2012

Get moving

I have recently noticed that my most productive days are the days I hit the gym for an early morning workout! A couple months ago I started boxing with my trainer Joe Duarte (UFC fighter). Boxing is just what I needed to start getting shape for Spring and Summer. Each workout is something new, and each workout every muscle group gets some love. I love that it is always changing…. I never get bored and I look forward to hitting the bag to relieve a little stress throughout the week!

You can try our workout at home for free…

Warm up:
– 1 minute jumping jacks with 3 lbs weights
– 1 minute burpies
– 1 minute pushups
– Run for 5 minutes
*Repeat 3-4 times
– Freestyle w/ boxing bag for 10 minutes
Includes: Uppercuts, Jabs, Cross’s, and hooks
– 50 jump Squats/ 25 pushups
– 1 min jumping jacks
– 50 triceps dips
– 50 step up squats


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