DIY Feb 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

This past Monday, my roommate and I decided to do a little spring cleaning. Not only did I clean the cabinets and closets, but I cleaned my desk and my INBOX! The first time I ever created an email address (kaikaiqtpi) was for the sole purpose of AIM chatting my friends. Now days, spending hours on AIM talking about who likes who and what she wore to school seems far more fun that what I now use email for. Between school, photography, work, blog, mom (yes she emails me that much she has her own folder), bills and medical emails I sometimes  always feel overwhelmed. I decided to share how keep my inbox clean and organized so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. I recently have discovered that unsubscribing to those daily emails about MLB updates and “deals” on vacation destintaions that I certainly can’t afford has made my inbox surpringsly more manageable. And, for all you groupon members, I know what it feels like to get multiple emails a day, which is why I briefly look at them and if I am not interested I DELETE! Here are a few useful tips for spring cleaning your inbox!


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