Finally Friday Mar 30, 2012

Finally Friday

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This week started out rough. On Tuesday, it was definitely an effort to pull myself out of my warm comfy bed. As the day progressed, I experienced an unusual burst of energy. I haven’t quite adjusted to waking up before the sun……but then again, who wants to be up before “Mr. Sun”? My internal alarm clock usually wakes me up by 8 am every morning. However, on the days when I don’t have to get up before sunrise, (for work or a class) I look forward to sleeping in. With that being said, miraculously, for the past two days I have been unusually, ridiculously productive. Sometimes I tend to put off dreaded responsibilities throughout the week. But this week, I accomplished so many of the chores & tasks on my “To Do List”. For example, I finished answering questions on several (deadline dated) documents, I cleaned everything in sight and I was energized to complete other boring tasks as well. I can’t remember the last time I was this giddy about going home. I plan on focusing on my homework this weekend, so that when I head home to Danville on Wednesday for Easter, I can enjoy every moment. I don’t want to have school or homework on my mind during my break. I value spending quality time with family and friends because my visits are always so brief and every moment is so precious to me. Here are a few things that kept me smiling this week. HAPPY FRIDAY!!


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  1. I absolutely love Essie nail polish! I always feel like its the sweet little things which keep us happy during the week. Have a great weekend!
    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂