Outfits Mar 15, 2012

School Attire

Yesterday, I arrived at school rather early and met some of my best friends at the café. We did a little bit of studying, laughed a ton, and we attempted to count the Long Champ bags that passed by us as we waited for class to start. We stopped counting as there were too many to count! As much as I love my skyscraper heels, they just aren’t ideal for a long day at school. I scored these cute little sneakers at Target about 8 months ago for only $10.00; they are perfect for walking around campus on a sunny day. I paired them with my favorite khaki boyfriend trousers and a nautical stripe tee with a light sweater!

P.S. Sorry there is only one hi-res picture (below) my camera did that thing… where it says it has a full battery, but really doesn’t. So, we only were able to snap one picture with my camera! The picture above was taken on my I phone which is why it’s fuzzy!

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  1. i am always up for a good school outfit. cute and casual! love it!

    i know you already do this but i would LOVE to see you take a basic (like your style mint tee) and pair it different ways or pieces worn different ways!

    keep it up girly!