Finally Friday Apr 06, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Dixie was so darn good while posing for this picture }

This week came and went so fast, that Monday felt like Tuesday, and Tuesday felt like Wednesday. But as soon as I arrived home, it didn’t matter what day ¬†it was… I was home. I have spent the last 48 hours at home enjoying family time. There were many things that made me happy and smile this week, such as; family dinners, sitting by the fire, and the beautiful sunshine. Here are a few other memories and events that made an already amazing week that much more amazing. This weekend, create your own new memories and have a magnificent, safe and Happy Easter!

Bait the Bunny with this recipe


 Attach these cards to any basket full of eggs.


{ Ingredient for next weeks “Drink” post }

{Healthy afternoon snack with my favorite yogurt }

{ Enjoying some sand in between classes on Monday }

{ Furry friends }


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