Outfits Apr 10, 2012

Pastel Painting

Poncho/Pants/Tank – Forever21, Bag-Nordstroms, Shoes – Shiek

Last night, I boarded a flight back to San Diego. Leaving is always a bittersweet affair. After spending a few days at my“family home” to travel back to my “college home,” I always miss a little something about both places. You would think that with all the traveling I’ve done over the past year, I would have figured out an efficient way to pack. But in all honesty, I haven’t conquered or perfected the “packing” skill yet. I spent the past six days at home, truly relaxing…., if only I had a couple more days.There is nothing I love more than chill’n with family. From this point forward, over the next couple of weeks, my schedule will be absolute chaos. My days will be filled with group projects, test,research papers, photo shoots, interviews and more. My agenda will be on over-drive, so much so, that I will barely have any time to catch my breath. Therefore,I always look forward to the weekends. Last week, I sported my favorite “poncho-robe” jacket with some fun pastel pants. I picked this “poncho-robe” up at Forever21 during our event for $10 and wear it every chance I get.

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  1. I LOVE those heels! I would really want to own a pair. Where did you get these? 🙂