Outfits Apr 03, 2012

Walking the town

Forever21- Dress, Shoes, Accessories Flannel- Target

Yesterday, the sun was shining brighter than ever!! Living in San Diego, blue skies are a common sight. Even though I am privileged to witness “Blue Skies,” more often than not, I’m always appreciative of every single gorgeous warm 75 degree sunny day and……… it always makes me happy!! Before class, we made a quick trip to the beach and then stopped for ACAI bowls for lunch! Since the blue skies decided to peek through, I decided show the world my blue Rory Becca dress from Forever21. Cobalt blue is such a fun & vibrant color for the spring and summer seasons. I plan to promote and sport, this “hue of blue” by purchasing skirts, bold necklaces and possibly even a pair of shoes that instantly add a punch to any outfit..


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