Outfits Apr 25, 2012

What time is it?

Hat – Target, Pants – Forever21, Tank – HM, Blazer – Nordstroms, Scarf -?, Earrings/Glasses/Necklace – Forever21, Shoes MIA

There are only four weeks left of school —YESSSS…… that’s what I said, only FOUR. May 23rd may seem far away, but it is just enough time to cram in 4 tests, 3 group projects and 2 research papers before finals commence. When I glance at the overall view of my monthly calendar, I start to experience shortness of breath. But then, I remind myself to take it day by day, one minute at a time. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be extremely busy between school and work. In addition, I have also vowed, to fit in a few hours, without guilt, indulging & enjoying my social life. One thing I am hoping to see more often is the sun. I LOVE the beach! It’s the end of April and I am still sporting a chunky scarf to stay warm throughout the day! Back in January, I made a resolution to disconnect from technology for one hour a day …. no phone, no computer, no camera, and again, I repeat, an emphasis on ……. , no phone. Lately, I’ve found that I am consistently attached to all of my electronic devices. In the weeks to come, I intend on consciously, faithfully, following through on my resolution of “No Electronics” to help me stay organized & sane. I encourage you to do the same and shut down for one hour a day. I am certain that you will be happy that you did!

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