Outfits Jun 26, 2012

Pie Day

Making homemade pizza is inexpensive, simple, yet so delicious. Last Friday, Sean and I decided to make up our own pizza with ingredients that I already had in the fridge. Making a perfectly round pizza pie is not my expertise, but that doesn’t matter if the toppings are over the top delicious. I keep Traders Joe’s dough in the freezer just in case I have a craving for pizza. It came in handy last Friday for a late night dinner date, at home, accompanied by a red box. We topped our pie with pesto, chicken, potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, parmesan (for the crust) crushed red peppers, and tons of mozzarella. Pizzas are our go to meal for nights that call for an ice cold beer or two. As much as I love all the homemade pizza’s that we have made in the past, this one might possibly be ranked at the top and also my new favorite.

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