Outfits Jul 02, 2012

Is it Friday Yet?

So…, this is what’s going on in my life right now. Last week, when I said that life was far from glamorous, I wasn’t exaggerating. Life has been extremely far from glitz, glamour and fab. This weekend was completely dedicated to moving. Saturday we ran around town on a mad hunt for last minute boxes. On Sunday, we spent the entire day packing and unpacking a rented U-Haul. As a kid, I always dreamed of moving because I thought it was “cool” or it “looked fun” but after yesterday’s experience, moving is something I can now say, “I hate”. At first it was fun and then when all the furniture and boxes were removed from my place & I had a chance to look around and absorb the mess & chaos that lingered, I wanted to cry and scream at the same time. After everything was gone, the only thing that was left, was a big dirty MESS. If you know me at all, you know that I loathe disorganization, clutter and untidiness. I still have two papers due, so I am hoping to buckle down so that I can relax & enjoy my summer which will officially, hopefully, commence on Wednesday.

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