Outfits Jul 12, 2012

It reached 100

I can honestly say that I have not adjusted to the East Bay heat quite yet. Yesterday it was 80 degrees at 9 am and 75 at 11:30 pm, which means that during the day IT REACHED 100 degrees (if not higher). When I am not working on the computer or out on a photo shoot I am working with my boys. After we ate French toast for breakfast and watched a morning episode of wipe out, it was time to head to swim practice. Normally, I wear my grab & go lulu lemon outfit so that when we run around town, it’s easier to keep up with them. But yesterday, it was too hot to do anything so we lived in our bathing suits and I lounged in my favorite cover up. We enjoyed sipping on our vitamin waters, while playing multiple rounds of Go Fish, as we relaxed by the pool .The only way to beat the heat is to be submerged in water, which is why we remained there for the majority of the day. Despite the scorching hot weather, we had a blast. My post pictures today, are compliments of my six year photographer. I wasn’t allowed to smile; I was only allowed to make a funky face so of course, I complied. Sometimes it’s really heartwarming to just let loose and be young again and have fun, especially when you are in the company of little ones.

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  1. Cute cover-up! Younger kids are the best in the summer! So much fun to take them swimming and popsicles!