Outfits Jul 31, 2012

It’s a party

Two Saturdays ago I had the most amazing birthday party in the world. My actual birthday was emotional and had its up’s and downs’s which is why having another day dedicated to celebrate was unbelievable. I was opposed to the vegas idea because not only did I want to celebrate with all my family and friends but I wanted to celebrate my birthday at one of my favorite places in the world (my backyard). I wanted a party that could be elegant and memorable. I knew that with my vision, my mom’s party planning skills and my grandmas cooking skills and hard work my party would be absolutely gorgeous (and it was). I spent the week before planning and prepping for the little things, I gathered inspiration from everywhere and as much as I wanted to do more for the decor it just wasn’t possible in the 7 days we had to plan the party. Everything was perfect from the food to the dance floor. All the food was home cooked by my family and they all did a wonderful job, the cannelloni was to die for and the tri-tip was cooked to perfection leaving no left-overs (I was bummed). After dinner we danced the night away, or at least I did. We danced to some of my favorite Golden Oldies as well as Michael Jackson and Prince songs. I couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect party, my mom and my grandma did such a wonderful job prepping everything to make sure that I had the best night possible. I am truly lucky to have such amazing friend an family to celebrate such a special day!


Photos: Kapture by Kailani & Dana Moran Photography

Rentals: Gagnon Catering

Food: Made with love by my family

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  1. Hi!
    I live in SD and love your blog! I was wondering where you got your invitations done! theyre so cute!!