Outfits Jul 09, 2012

July Freebie

This past week has seriously been draining. I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but moving and summer school have consumed all my energy. I’m ready to move on and put it all behind me. I arrived home on the eve of the Fourth of July, just in time to support my younger sister who was a participant in the Town of Danville parade. My 16 year old sister, Tiana, passed her drivers’ license (with a Perfect 100% passing score) on July 5th and then my 21StBirthday was on Friday the 6th.  So, the past four days have been filled with exciting milestones & new memories. On Friday night, I went bar hopping with my immediate and extended family and indulged in a variety of different cocktails. My uncle made sure that I tried just about every dirty sounding drink that a bartender could make. Later that night, I met up with a ton of old friends from H.S at a bar in Walnut Creek. I continued to celebrate in style, experimenting with many different alcoholic beverages which contained new flavors, bright colors and nasty drink names (inappropriate to mention here).  Because of all of the thrilling recent events, my emails have piled up and the clothes in my room are begging to be taken out of my suitcase and put away.  I haven’t had a chance to unpack and get organized yet. This week I plan on dedicating all of my time to WORK and CLEANING so that I can enjoy the rest of my summer stress free and dedicate my time to bringing you new, exhilarating, rejuvenating, invigorating, inspirational, positive posts. I have been meaning to put together a July desktop calendar so after working on my workspace yesterday afternoon, I decided that my office space needed some color.  I designed a balloon picture that I thought would be a perfect picture to stare at the entire month, since it’s My Birthday month. Thank you to everyone for all of your positive birthday wishes and for those who chose to support me by celebrating my birthday, doing exactly what I wanted to do on the one day of year that I should  be allowed to choose how to celebrate and relax, stress, guilt  & pressure free..  More birthday fun to come, I can’t wait to share my party pictures with you (stay tuned)! Happy Monday.


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