Outfits Jul 17, 2012

Tech Savvy

I never in a million years thought that I would ever be obsessed with gadgets. That was my sister, Alina’s forte, even as young kid. She was obsessed with remotes, light switches and she even took apart all of her toys and actually succeeded in reassembling them. Anything that was remotely tech-y, she was our go to girl while growing up. But years later, the roles have reversed. I absolutely love and adore all of my tech gadgets & accessories. No matter where I go or what I do, there is one thing that I could not travel without and that is my computer. I am constantly hopping in a car for a weekend getaway or on a plane to travel somewhere, so I am always in need of a functional carry case that will hold all of my prize possessions. Most computer bags are boring and black but when I discovered Tyla Rae, I realized that my computer bag could be fashionable. I was gifted this amazing computer bag a couple weeks back. I am privileged to carry this adorable, well-designed, bright colorful bag which has been an invaluable asset throughout moving and my travel adventures, over the past few weeks. I am able to carry my iPad, computer and graphics tablet + cords and chargers all in one charming, stylish computer bag. The shoulder strap is great for traveling because it allows you to be hands free or free up some more room to carry a purse and of course your favorite coffee beverage. Visit Tyla Rae’s website (Seen Here) and you too, can be the proud owner of one of her fashionable accessories.

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