Finally Friday Aug 24, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Summer Acai Bowl }

This week was pretty calm, as I have mentioned the weather has been absolutely perfect (not to hot…not to cold). I was sitting on the couch Tuesday morning reading emails when I realized that instead of sitting inside I should be spending my time outside by the pool. I decided to throw on a suit and grab a magazine. It had been a while since I had laid in the backyard. Last night I met some friends for a late night chat, it always feels great to catch up with people and laugh about silly memories. Today I plan on heading to Napa before my brothers football game to experience wine tasting for the first time as well as take in the breath taking scenery. I have been waiting all summer to drag someone to Napa with me but everyone has be reluctant until now. My brother has his first freshmen game in Napa so I decided to make a fun little day out of it. I can’t wait to share photos next week. Have a great weekend!

{ Afternoon cone }

{ Pedal Boats at the Reservoir }

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