Outfits Aug 03, 2012

It’s her day

Today is my mom’s birthday. Last night I picked up my sister and my mom from the airport and couldn’t be happier to have them back home. While spending time with just my Grandma and my sister Tiana was nice, I missed my momma. She is the strongest most dedicated determined women I know. She continuously teaches me hard work, and perseverance. After babysitting all summer long for a couple hours at a time… I continually ask my self how she handled all four kids 24 hours a day 365 days a year … AS A SINGLE MOM! I am the biggest mommas girl you will ever meet, I would choose to sit home with my mom and watch 48 hour mystery in our pajamas while eating a carmel apple over a fancy filet mignon dinner. While I am away at school not a day goes by that I don’t call or text her, she is and will always be my number one go-to gal. She brings me back to reality when it’s needed, tells me I am a drama queen or being too sensitive when I don’t want to hear it, boosts me up when I am down, makes me laugh and hate her all at the same time. My mom has shaped me into the person I am today and I continue to love and look up to her on a daily basis. She continues to teach me life lessons about how to be a great person even at 21 years old. I will never ever get to an age where I don’t need my mom. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!

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  1. Kailani—
    Thank you, this message is the best birthday present ever!!!
    Every parent would be ecstatic to hear & read these heartfelt thoughts from their child. I am the luckiest & most BLESSED MOM in the entire world!!!!!!
    Thank you honey…. I Love You!