Drinks Aug 08, 2012


After sitting behind a computer all day yesterday, and editing a wedding and senior photo shoot from last week, I decided to call it quits at 4:30 pm. Sometimes, I get so engrossed & involved while working on a project on my computer, that it’s difficult for me to walk away. However, I am gradually getting better at shutting down my work at a certain point during the day. After closing my computer and pushing the chair away from my desk, I spontaneously, decided to hop in the pool. Lounging by the pool, with my sister and a few friends, in our bikinis, while sipping an ice cold drink, was the perfect remedy & stress relief for a long day of work. I do not normally choose to drink a “cocktail” because I enjoy a glass of wine or a beer instead. However, yesterday I decided to make a thirst quenching, refreshing Grapefruit Mojito cocktail. This beverage was incredibly revitalizing and the perfect drink for relaxing by the pool on a hot summer evening.  I used this recipe.

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