Outfits Aug 09, 2012

Red pant dance

Red Pants – Michael Stars, Shirt – Forever21, Shoes – HM

I was gifted these red pants by Michael Stars a couple weeks ago and I am obsessed. This outfit was ideal for my photo-shoot yesterday; it is simple and comfortable with a pop of color and a dash of glitz. I know that colored jeans have been in style for a while now, but I just absolutely love the endless style opportunities that they allow without having to exert a lot of extra effort. With certain garments, sometimes plain is better. But with these Red Pants you can easily sport all fashion looks from simple to glam…. in seconds. Thank you for enhancing my style Michael Stars!!

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  1. Adorable. I’ve been resisting the colored denim trend, but I might have to give in and style them exactly like you did here.

  2. I saw those sneakers at H&M and thought they were so fun, but didn’t know I would style them to not look so flashy. Looove the way you paired them with your new pants!

  3. Casual, Fun and full of energy with the Red Color.
    love the fresh, clean look.

  4. I have been eyeballing some glitter sneakers but I stayed away. I love how this came together. Clearly I have some shopping to do tonight.

  5. I seriously love those sneakers! I have to find some ASAP! Too bad we don’t have an H&M within the entire state!! ugh. xx