Finally Friday Sep 07, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Fresh flowers make a dreary day bright as can be }

Between moving and the first week of school I feel like this week was enormously exhausting. I can’t remember the last time I was this worn down. Wednesday marked the last first day of school for me (well hopefully), and I must say it was THE weirdest feeling. Mia and I drove to school and the second we pulled into the parking lot I began to get butterflies. I was almost embarrassed to admit that I was nervous for my  first day of school as a senior in college, but the second I looked at Mia she took the words straight from my mouth. She looked at me and said …. “is it weird that I am nervous?” Both of us couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous we were. Here we are finishing our last year of college and we were nervous. I don’t ever remember being this nervous even for my freshmen year of college. So classes began and the nerves started to settle. As I attended each class I couldn’t have been more excited and happy with my decision to switch majors (post here). Instead of purchasing text books that I pretend to read… this year I get to purchase film, brushes, canvases and watercolor paints. I am excited for this school year but even more excited to use this weekend to get organized and all settled in to the new place so that I can share photos. Have a great weekend!

{ Last day of summer breakfast }

{ Obsessed with the display of Mirror’s at a SF restaurant Brenda’s }

{ Chatting outside after school watching the sunset and listening to the waves crash }

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