Outfits Oct 18, 2012

Falling into Fall

The past three weeks have gone by incredibly fast (almost too fast)… you would think that by now that I would be used to my schedule but I’m not. As you might be able to tell I have felt extremely overwhelmed the past few months. I used to pride myself on being able to stay grounded in my world of chaos but lately that seems far from possible. Mid-terms are this week so life has been extra crazy and I sadly admit that I have neglected blog life. I know I say this every week but this weekend (primarily Friday) I plan to get all my ducks in a line. This time I’m serious. Last night I got home from the studio at 11:30 pm after being at school since 9 am. The second I sat on the couch I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep until forever. But, instead I had to prepare for a 6 am meeting. I thought senior year was supposed to be easy? I figured that instead of dwelling on the rather difficult things in my life I would focus my attention to fun activities I can look forward to when life gets chaotic. I put together some of the top items on my list.

1. Go to Julian and eat Apple Pie – I hear it is the best Apple Pie in town.

2.  Make a Red Velvet Cake… because who doesn’t like Red Velvet Cake?

3. Have a TV Marathon day – Mainly dedicated to watching Homeland

4. Finish knitting my scarf

5. Go cliff Jumping – A must on my list with the weather being 90. Who doesn’t love adventure?

6. Enjoy a sunset picnic… with wine and cards of course!

7. Work on the new site design for Kapture

8. Take a spontaneous trip somewhere I have never been (thinking Palm Springs)

9. Host a dessert dinner followed by wine and a drive in movie

10. Work on my bedroom decor – the poor thing needs some TLC


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