Finally Friday Oct 05, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Halloween centerpiece }

Tuesday’s are probably my worst days at school, it feels like I am on campus forever and ever when in fact I am only there from 8am-9pm. After night class this Tuesday I decided to do something spontaneous. Instead of heading home the second class got out I decided to run straight for the ocean, clothes on and everything. It was so ridiculously hot that swimming in the ocean at 9:30 pm was refreshing. I can’t deny that I didn’t get the “that wasn’t safe” lecture from my mom the next morning because I did. But let me tell you that was the most exhilarating thing I have done all year… lately I have been feeling so irritable to the point where sometimes I just get so frustrated I could scream! I am starting to learn to really appreciate the little things in life and take life day by day. When I am not at school I am usually working so taking time for myself is something that I am starting to do and enjoy more often. Here are a few things that helped ease my stress levels this week.

{ Morning coffee + magazine + recorded TV shows }

{ My favorite Halloween decoration (purchase one here) }

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