Finally Friday Nov 16, 2012

Finally Friday

Some weeks come and go faster than I would like them too. This week was primarily uneventful and quiet. The cold weather finally made an appearance here in San Diego, so I have been able to sport a chunky sweater almost everyday of the week. Now that the weather is cooler, I also enjoy lounging in my bed sipping a cup of hot tea before turning out the lights. I can’t believe that next Thursday is already Thanksgiving Day. Recently I’ve found myself escaping into a somewhat quiet, yet anxious mood. Looking back at certain situations, and after my feelings of anxiety have passed, I now realize that my concerns mostly pertain to the fact that my first semester of senior year is…… almost over. Another reality that I am learning to cope with and accept, on my own terms, is that my best friends graduate from college in December and they will venture off into the real world of work and lifelong responsibilities. When I get overwhelmingly lost in a funky mood, I have learned to escape by listening to soothing sounds of music which helps to pull me out of my funk (sharing a post about it next week stay tuned). Here are a few things that made me smile this week!! Have a great weekend. Indulge in something sweet for me!

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