Outfits Dec 31, 2012

Flash Back 2012

What a year two thousand and twelve was. The past 12 months have come and gone so incredibly fast, I can’t believe that the New Year is already here. Two Thousand Twelve was a year filled with memories as well as opportunities, I was honored to be able to work with many fun companies and clients. It still hasn’t set in that this is the year that I will graduate college. Four years ago the year 2013 seemed like centuries away but now that it is here it is I am ready to embrace and enjoy it. As you all might have noticed I did a little New Years’ cleaning on the blog. I decided to go with a more structured simple layout to start the year off right.┬áHere are a few of my favorite moments from 2012. I hope you all have a fun and safe New Years Eve. See you in Two Thousand Thirteen!

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