Outfits Dec 18, 2012

Holiday Dinner Party

As promised, tomorrow I will post the things that help me get through finals. In the meantime, I remembered that I forgot to share pictures from my holiday dinner party last weekend! Last Saturday, I had some friends over for a casual dinner, wine and games. Dinner parties are my favorite. I love to entertain and parties are so fun and a great way to spend quality time with friends. I planned my menu so that I could prepare my food ahead of time so that I wouldn’t be stressed and distracted when my guests arrived. Two features I absolutely love about my house here in San Diego is the kitchen and the front yard. Back in October I decided that the front yard needed a special touch-up which would add to the quaint appearance and White Picket Fence, so…… I decided to hang large round decorative outdoor bulbs from one tree branch to another tree branch and around the trunk. The tree lights have added a subtle ambiance effect to the yard and they have been a great addition for entertaining friends. We often enjoy casual nights, relaxing outside, socializing, laughing and sipping our wine while watching people walk by. People watching is very entertaining and one of my favorite activities, especially in a busy location. I opted to keep the decor simple and effortless with a natural but colorful floral arrangement and a tea cup with candles. Here are just a few snapshots from our fun Island Dinner Party. Tomorrow I promise I will share my must haves for finals week.

{ Simple Easy Flowers + Festive Christmas Tree Branches }

{ Fruit water for the table + A mason jar full of utensils }

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