Outfits Dec 20, 2012

Lucky Duck

I think everyone should have a friend that becomes more like a sister. Not just because you’re best friends….. but because she’s not afraid to tell you the truth about everything. For example if you have something in your nose or your teeth, or an outfit looks hideous or even tell you when you smell bad. One thing that I have learned about our friendship is that it doesn’t matter how long you have been friends with someone to declare a best friend status or to feel a strong bond. Mia and I met in August of 2011 and since that time; we have grown closer and closer. She is one of the kindest, most compassionate and smartest people I know. Mia is the most beautiful person both inside and out. I constantly learn to be a better person because of her. She doesn’t sugar coat anything but at the same time she tells you the truth in the sweetest, way possible. She has taught me to have patience and to let loose. This semester has been un-deniably; ridiculously fun and exhilarating and the two of us together are double trouble. After leaving home in August 2011 I was worried that my blogging career would come to a halt but Mia has been so supportive and most days, she is the woman behind the camera lens. Today Mia graduates from college… it’s both a happy and a sad day. Since being a student here at USD, she has been my study buddy, lunch date and my carpool companion. I must say, that next semester it will be extremely weird without her here. I will miss our times together when we uncontrollably burst out into laughter in the extremely silent USD Library. I will also miss her soothing words of wisdom and advice as she always helped calm my nerves when I became worked up about school papers. I feel so blessed and lucky to have a friend like her in my life and today I just want to say congratulations to my best friend as she graduates from USD today. I am really proud of you and I will miss you being able to text you to meet up during breaks at school.

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