Outfits Dec 13, 2012

Wrinkles and Fur

Lately, I have been in the funkiest mood… I can’t quite figure out what it is that has been bothering me. Normally I am able to pin point the problem… I’m either hungry, tired, need to exercise or need to stop procrastinating but this time it is none of the above. I’m a bit bewildered at how calm and composed I have been over the past few days. As a senior in College, I currently live in a world of stress and chaos so I feel that I have been keeping it together pretty well. I mean it could just be straight denial or it could be the fact that I am approaching my last semester of college & I have actually grown up. The old me– would have had at least more than three melt-downs by now, called my mom or grandma continuously and repeatedly complain to them that “I can’t do this” but this semester it is different (weirdly different). One thing that I have learned over the years is to not complain about everything that will eventually get done because lets be real, you will always get it done no matter how stressful it might be so complaining doesn’t help. Nowadays, I write to-do lists on a daily basis to stay organized (more lists than you could ever imagine). To Do Lists help me stay focused since I am always bustling around and on the go. Besides, let’s face it, crossing chores or projects off a list is extremely satisfying and helps me feel a sense of continuous accomplishment. One thing that I have learned over the past year is….. That it’s important to reward yourself after working hard long hours. Working around the clock isn’t healthy. Thanks to my friend Mia, I have learned to appreciate my breaks. The other night I decided to step away from editing and paper writing to grab a bite to eat and a movie. I feel that the more often I reward myself or have something to look forward to, the more productive I am. Comfort attire the past few days has been essential so for a quick, casual, night on the town, I decided to throw on some boyfriend jeans, a loose tee and a neutral blazer with a fur collar to keep warm. (Excuse the wrinkles I know that’s not how we should treat a linen blazer)

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