Outfits Jan 15, 2013

Five South

Today will be the fourth time, in a one month period (Winter Break) that I will be travelling the long, boring, journey down highway I-5. Having driven it multiple times, I know what travel essentials I will need to bring with me to make the drive more bearable. Here are just a few things on my list for today’s drive.

No. 1 – Comfortable clothing is a necessity. Who likes driving in a car for seven + hours in un-comfortable clothing? I usually wear a pair of boyfriend jeans or lululemon leggings paired with a basic tee. This combo makes for a simple and comfortable outfit that won’t leave you looking like a total slob.

No. 2 – Chunky Sweater + Comfy Boots. Nothing is worse than being freezing cold on a long drive. I always make sure that I have a pair of comfy boots that are easy to slip on and off and a chunky knit sweater to bundle up with.

No. 3 – Good reads + Good Music. Listening to Music and flipping through Magazines always helps to pass the time. So during this car ride, we will be blasting Mumford and Sons Pandora radio and jamming to old CD’s while reading the newest People StyleWatch.

No. 4 – Chapstick. I don’t know what it is but every time I travel (even if it’s just a few hours away) I always end up with chapped lips. In order to prevent dry lips I packed some chapstick.

No. 5 – Snacks. We never leave home without an array of snack foods when we travel. Most of the time when we are on the road, our snack assortment consists of goldfish, luna bars, clementines, and candy. For some odd reason, after the first four hours of driving we usually hit the grapevine and I always crave a Gatorade. So…… I packed water and Gatorade to avoid the extra drink stop

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  1. Great essentials! I’ve made the drive from school to my parents house a million times and always manage to bring too much. This list is probably all I really need