Outfits Feb 28, 2013

Skin Care

During my teenage years there were many nights that I went to bed with my makeup on and I often left the house without applying sunscreen. As I’ve become older, I began to realize the importance of taking care of your skin. This means taking the time to properly wash your face in the morning and at night. Another extremely important skincare must is….making sure your face is moisturized and protected from the sun throughout the day. I received the Dermalogica skincare products about a month ago but I decided to postpone my post about them until I was able to offer my opinion based on my personal results. I genuinely wanted to see if they would produce results and they do! I am not kidding, I have seen a dramatic positive change in the

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  1. I trust your opinion and I want to try it now…. Thanks for sharing and introducing me to this product!!

  2. I always hear good things. I’ve started using mostly oils (jojoba, tree tea oil etc) and am loving it! It has worked wonders.