Outfits Feb 25, 2013

Yellow Cake

My sister and I arrived back in San Diego, late yesterday afternoon. Although we both had homework to do we managed to procrastinate a little while longer so we filled our time with a trip to the spa. We indulged and treated ourselves to facials and massages and still managed to get home just in time for the tail end of the red carpet and of course the Oscar’s. Award night is never complete unless there is dessert involved which is why I quickly made a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. My favorite cake is chocolate with vanilla frosting but yesterday we used the ingredients that we had on hand. Lately, I have been on a cake kick… partly because I am determined to learn how to bake and frost the perfect cake without spending my entire morning/afternoon trying to make it look perfect. Despite the fact that my frosting appearance was far from perfect, it still tasted delicious! While I sipped on a glass of wine, I helped myself to a piece of cake  (o.k. ….maybe… two).  I always look forward to the pre-Oscar fashion with all the amazing dresses. If only all Sunday’s could be as glamorous.

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