Finally Friday Apr 05, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Weekend Inspiration: Farmer’s Markets + Bike Rides on the Boardwalk }

The official countdown to graduation has begun. Monday marking the start of April meant that I really only have a month and a half left in San Diego and well as a college student. Wednesday morning I woke up ┬áto the best possible email you can receive at 6 am… class was cancelled. I turned my phone on silent and pulled up the covers, I decided to sleep in which isn’t something I usually do during the week. After waking up I took my time I made coffee, watched TV in bed and even painted my nails. Toward to end of the morning I started to realize that come the end of May Wednesdays like this won’t occur to often. Between now and graduation I will savor the good and the bad that comes with being a full time college student. My family is in town this weekend so I am excited to have some fun!

{ Learning how to play rugby in style of course }

{ Food Truck Food – Brisket Sandwich }

{ Watching the Dolphins and Sunset in Del Mar }

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