Outfits Apr 16, 2013

How to beat Senior-itis

The past couple of weeks have been real tough… I caught a serious case of “senioritis” (yup, it’s a real thing!) but this weekend I made a break through. I was extremely productive, I don’t know if it was a combination of the rainy weather and all my friends either out of town or at Coachella or the fact that it was just time for me to get *&^% done. With the days getting longer and the weeks getting shorter, graduation is quickly approaching. The past three years I have experienced the whirlwind of second semester chaos but this year is different. Instead of wanting summer to quickly approach I am soaking up all of the school time that I have left. I put together a list of things that will help me beat “Senior-Itis” and I’m sharing it with you just in case you are experiencing similar symptoms.

No. 1 – Make Lists & Prioritize – They help ease the nerves and help you see what you should be working on. I am a huge list maker

No. 2 – Take care of yourself – Make sure you are eating properly. Three meals a day and always carry snacks.

No. 3 – Find your productive place – Find a place where you can be most productive. Sometimes this can be the library or a coffee shop or even your bed! This past weekend I had a lot of success sitting in my bed using my breakfast bed tray as a make shift desk.

No. 4 – Start Moving – Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. Hit the gym before class or end your day with a nightly walk.

No. 5 – Go to class – As hard as it is to go to class, get your butt to class. Think of it this way….. ..the finish line is close and after this semester you are done.

No. 6 – DON’T Procrastinate – I am the queen of Procrastination but to help make sure that the last few weeks of your semester are enjoyable and not spent in the Library until 2 am. Plan ahead. Chip away at things slowly.

No. 7 – Stay Motivated – Set goals to help you stay motivated.

No. 8 – Reward yourself – After a long day of work treat yourself to something special. After my productive weekend I treated myself to Sprinkles Cupcakes.

No. 9 – Start a countdown – Countdowns are a great way to keep track of how much time you have left.

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