Finally Friday Jun 14, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Cute treasure I picked up at J Crew. for Hawaii }

Living at home is quite the adjustment… and boy oh boy will I tell you that the first week was just awful (and I mean that). The first couple of days back were an emotional roller coaster but I think that I have adjusted more so than last week. Hopefully by this afternoon my internet will be set up so that I am not screaming at the four wifi bars in the top right hand of my screen all day. On Monday I leave for Hawaii with my family which I am so thrilled about. I can’t remember the last time we took a family vacation that involved a plane ticket.

{ Two graduation gifts that I rarely take off (and am slightly obsessed with) }

{ Left over Peonies from last weekends Bridal Shower }

{ Fruit water that sits on my desk }

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